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"I have judgements from small claims court. The other party would not want to pay me. I was struggling for many months, I almost give up my hope. Thank god I found Eugene  helped me. I got my judgment paid. That was one case than I have another case from evict a tenant. The tenant was squatters leaving my house would not pay rent, but I got the judgment from the court. I wasn’t able to collect it. This people run from me. I contact so many company and they are all told me that no way they’re not going to help me work on this because this people it’s hard to find. But Eugene able to find them and going to help me with collect the judgment. I’m so thankful."

Five gold stars.
Shannon Tang

"Very reliable firm. They brought results much faster than i expected. Highly recommend to anyone who needs to collect their unpaid judgment."

Five gold stars.
Joon Wook Kim

"This company is very helpful and honest so I recommend you guys to contact them if you need help."

Five gold stars.
Natanan Pinny

"Eugene was awesome, with him everything is POSSIBLE!! Very accommodating!!
what a great experience and so lucky that i was able to work with him!
legit 💯%!!! highly recommended!!"

Five gold stars.
Mishelle Villasper

"Eugene was prompt in responding to questions, got the process started quickly and delivered on recovering our funds.  He turned something that was a disappointment...Hey we won our suit..  wait, what do we need to do now to collect our money?...Into a check in my hands within a couple months."

Five gold stars.
Chris Ploessel

"Eugene with The Judgement Solutions was incredibly knowledgeable and professional. He guided me through every step of the process, from gathering evidence to filing the necessary paperwork. He kept me informed at every stage and always made sure I understood what was happening.

Thanks to his expertise, I was able to win my case and receive the money that was owed to me. I'm so grateful for his help and would highly recommend his services to anyone who needs assistance with small claims court.

Overall, I had a fantastic experience working with this small claims judgement business. He made the process easy and stress-free, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. If you're in need of legal assistance for a small claims case, I highly recommend giving him a call."

Five gold stars.
Rachel Morrow

"Mr. Eugene Kim was very honest and truthful with his words . He always was updating me with progress in my case. Very kind and sweet person also. I am very satisfied that gave my case to him."

Five gold stars.
Mali Stewart

"Thankful to met Eugene when i did. He was able collect when i was was not able to on my own. He got them in and worked magic. I recommend Eugene if you want to get paid on your judgment."

Five gold stars.
Sam Cafiero

"Eugene was able to fully collect on two judgments for my company. He is very professional, steadfast, and efficient.  Going forward, we plan to use Eugene exclusively for all of our collection needs and I highly recommend Judgment Solutions!"

Five gold stars.
Misha Ramadev

"I’m so grateful I got connected with Eugene. He’s been much more aggressive in his collection efforts than the other company that just sat on my case for a year doing nothing. I wish I would have found him sooner. He does a top-notch job of going after folks and getting money out of them."

Five gold stars.
Austin Nation

"They were professional and determined in collecting the fees from my deadbeat ex-clients, as they understood how we needed to collect ASAP."

Five gold stars.
Hando Kim

"I strongly recommend efficiency and fast results using your service."

Five gold stars.
Sung Woo Choi

"I highly recommend Eugene Kim at The Judgment Solutions. He helped me get paid quickly on a judgment that I was unable to collect. And I did not have to pay any money as Eugene works on commission only."

Five gold stars.
Stephanie Jones

"Eugene is a very powerful and enthusiastic judgment collector!! He has recovered many judgments, and I totally recommend him to those who have unpaid judgments!"

Five gold stars.
Yumi Mahan

"Eugene is great and helped us collect our judgment which we thought we wouldn't ever be able to. It was an easy process working with Eugene and he made our lives easier. I would highly recommend Eugene to save yourself from all the frustration. Thanks Eugene!"

Five gold stars.
Sally Ham

"Great service and very professional. They were able to recover the funds and promptly sent our money 💰 back!

Thank you 🙏🏾"

Five gold stars.
Jon Davis

"I had a judgment from the labor commissioner. Eugene turned it to a state judgment and collected it. I am very impressed with his work and skills. I wish I could give him more than 5 stars in this review."

Five gold stars.
Brenda Martinez

"MR Kim did what he said he would. He was able to collect on my settlement when others that solicited to me could not. Excellent communication! Highly recommend!"

Five gold stars.
Dean Atkinson

"Eugene accomplished what I thought was impossible. I had a judgement that I had been unable to collect on for many years. I had given up. Eugene contacted me and I was impressed with his professionalism and confidence. I felt I had nothing to lose so I said go ahead expecting that he would not succeed.  I was wrong! He got back the money that had been stolen and apart from the money I was able to derive huge satisfaction that there is some justice after all and that I could put a nasty episode behind me.

I recommend him highly."

Five gold stars.

"How could we begin to express our gratitude for the knowledgeable and detailed representation we received from Eugene Kim? As Chief of Staff /Majordomo serving UHNW principals, I work with a level of service usually reserved for elite status.  Mr. Kim has met and exceeded every expectation. Without exception, we have watched him treat everyone with the same level of respect and care. Anyone fortunate to have Mr. Kim on their team, will be in the most capable hands. He perseveres in a 'perpetual-win' motion, leaving no stone unturned in his wake. He is the ultimate professional, possessing an old-fashioned gentleman style with perfect international etiquette. Without doubt, a gift sorely missing in today's social or business environment. Any individual or corporation will be well served with Eugene Kim. Thank You, Mr. Kim."

Five gold stars.
Jene T P

"If you need to get paid for your Judgment talk to Eugene.  My Judgment was close to $1M. He helped me to get paid."

Five gold stars.
Hana Pig

"I didn't think we would EVER get paid for our judgment. I contacted Eugene and he worked on a case immediately. He is a professional and knowledgeable. He did a amazing job."

Five gold stars.
Permier Dental

"I had no luck with the collection agency for my case over 3 years.... Eugene took care of it in 6 month. Thanks Eugene !!"

Five gold stars.
Arash Razi

"Thanks Eugene for your prompt support."

Five gold stars.
Tomoko S

"Thanks Eugene!! I appreciate your hard work and all the effort for my Judgment. You are the best !!"

Five gold stars.
Min Kim

"Eugene, Thanks for helping me!! I really appreciate your work ethic and professionalism. You are the best!!"

Five gold stars.
Keun Lee

"I have a working relationship with one of the partners for over a decade. They stand behind their words and have very good work ethics."

Five gold stars.
Vu Mai

"Professional and honest. He keeps his promises."

Five gold stars.
Lavoce Music

"This is a legitimate company and I would highly recommend them!"

Five gold stars.
T Honey

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