Striving to collect
unpaid judgments

Who we are

Judgment Solutions is a judgment enforcement firm that strives to collect unpaid judgments and bring justice to our Judgment Creditors.

We have been in business for years. We have successfully collected and recovered numerous judgments. Our firm recovers all sorts of judgments from the judgment debtors who refuse to pay. From Small Claims, Civil, Labor Judgment to Unlawful Detainers, we have it covered.

How we work

We have the resources, experience and determination to enforce the judgment you worked so hard to get.

We will conduct a thorough investigation to uncover hidden assets and/or sources of income and take whatever steps are necessary to seize them.

What we do

Free consultation

We at the Judgment Solutions believe that we do not charge our Judgment Creditors anything until we get paid, including consultation. Hence, every Judgment Creditor should deserve a free consultation.

What our creditors say

“If you need to get paid for your Judgment talk to Eugene.  My Judgment was close to $1M. He helped me to get paid.”

Customer Feedback

Hang Pig

“I had no luck with the collection agency for my case over 3 years.... Eugene took care of it in 6 month. Thanks Eugene !!”

Customer Feedback

Arash Razi

“Professional and honest. He keeps his promises.”

Lavoce Music

Fashion Buyer, Aje

“Thanks Eugene!! I appreciate your hard work and all the effort for my Judgment. You are the best!!”

Min Kim

“Eugene, Thanks for helping me!! I really appreciate your work ethic and professionalism. You are the best!!”

Keun Lee

“I I have a working relationship with one of the partners for over a decade. They stand behind their words and have very good work ethics.”

Vu Mai

“I didn't think we would EVER get paid for our judgment. I contacted Eugene and he worked on a case immediately. He is a professional and knowledgeable. He did a amazing job.”

Premier Dental

“I had a case that a collection company was sitting on for 5 years.... After so many years of frustration I found Eugene and He was able get my Judgment. Eugene is the guy, If you haven't got paid for your Judgment.”

Lillian Li

“Eugene is the best judgment Enforcer!!  I tried my case with attorneys and collection companies but no one was able to get the money for me.... I highly recommend him for judgment enforcement.”

Lihi Zvirin

Let us help you get
paid for your judgment

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